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Gathering, Growing, Giving

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Smithers, BC V0J 2N0

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The Grendel Group (Family Advocates) is a values-based organization established in 2000. We are dedicated to providing programs and support for educational and ongoing meaningful work experience for people with cognitive and physical disabilities.

The Grendel Group sees the strengths in individuals with differing abilities, celebrates and learns with them, and supports experiences that enrich and connect all members of the community.

Our fundraising efforts and events have received support from a broad base of volunteers and contributors ranging from families, organizations, businesses and government.

Key activities include:

  • GRENDELGrow: a gardening program that has supplied our lunch program, customers and GRENDELicious with fresh produce since 2008.

  • GRENDELicious: a program that focuses on making value-added foods with GRENDELGrow and local produce.

  • GRENDELPlayers: a theatre arts program focusing on expression, team building and inclusiveness.

  • GRENDELivery: we occasionally undertake catering during the winter months if it fits with our work flow. Get in touch with us for information.

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