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GRENDELGrow provides an opportunity for individuals to learn about and engage in a breadth of gardening activities and to help support food security through the production and sale of healthy, locally grown food. Our all-natural produce is grown at the Northern Root Community Garden, in several lots adjacent to Grendel Place and right behind our building as well. You can find our products at Natures Pantry from spring through fall, and in many of the value-added food products created through the GRENDELicious program. You may also see our produce with a 1st place ribbon (okay, maybe a 2nd place ribbon) at the Fall Fair ; ).

In the gardens program participants receive training and education in: seeding, soil preparation, fertilization, proper weeding techniques, plant spacing, transplanting, watering and water conservation – primarily through the use of drip irrigation and mulching, and harvesting. Given that we also utilize three greenhouses of varying sizes, participants learn about the production of greenhouse crops, especially tomatoes and cucumbers. More specifically, participants learn how to properly trellis/train, prune and pollinate these plants.
Norman_cucs    Greenhouse_lush
                   Harvesting Cucumbers                 Tomatoes and Basil in the Greenhouse                  

Also, because we sell the majority of the produce that we grow, participants of the GRENDELGrow program learn and develop skills relating to processing, packaging and marketing of the harvested produce. Topics and activities covered include: proper cleaning, cooling and transportation of harvested produce, economical and attractive packaging/bunching of produce, and attractive display of produce on store shelves.

In 2021 we grew over 4100 lb. of produce, including over 800 lbs of tomatoes and over 500 lb. of cucumbers! Other significant crops for 2021 were: garlic, herbs, various greens and a mix of storage vegetables. We also successfully grew cantaloupe for the first time ever! While it was a lot of work, 2021 was our most productive year ever. Check out more photos by clicking here -


100_0313    parts doin scapes  
                      A visit to Lauriston Farm                                         Picking Garlic Scapes at High Slope Acres

_02_03_2007_1329     100_1553
                         Trip to Senden in Hazelton                             Greenhouse on top of Skeena Bakery in Hazelton

As part of the GRENDELGrow program, we also like to get out to other farms in the Bulkley Valley. This provides the participants (and the Program Manager) with a little reprieve from the day-to-day gardening tasks, and allows the participants to form a better understanding of what agriculture looks like, both in terms of its diversity (such as animal husbandry vs. growing produce) and its regionally-specific nature. We also just have a lot of fun and laughs hanging out with the farm animals.


GRENDELGrow also maintains a large compost behind Grendel Place. This compost is derived from organic wastes from surrounding businesses including Bugwood Bean (lots of coffee grounds!), Mountain Eagle Books, and our own program: GRENDELGrow and GRENDELicious. These wastes, with the help of resident red wiggler worms, are converted into beautiful, biologically and nutrient rich soil that is added to our gardening areas. We are pleased to know that these "wastes" are not only being diverted from the garbage stream, but are also directly benefiting the health of our soils and the quality of produce that we grow and provide.