Grendel Poem

Garden for Grendel Group
By: Thomas Buth

We call ourselves the Grendel Group where we get everyone together
We cook all kinds of lunches and dinners, no matter what the weather
One of our programs is in our garden; we call it Grendel Grow
When the time comes and the plants come up we will reap what we sow
We work hard in the garden planting seeds and growing fields of fresh green
Sometimes we complain but the results are some of the best we’ve seen
From big cabbages, to bright radishes, to tasty carrots too
We cook our veggies to make lunches for your friends and you
Life has brought us challenges because we have different sensibilities
But hey, so what, we joined Grendelivery to develop our abilities
We all have our difficulties; one is blind while another is hard of hearing
But that hasn’t stopped them, no sir, which is why it is so endearing
We come together to learn and laugh at the Grendel place
And as the day ends, we all leave with a smile on each face